January 5, 2019

Hi everyone, and happy new year!

It’s definitely been a while, and I apologize. Ben and I have been leading our best lives these past several months. As lead English teacher at his kindergarten, he was one of four Santas in the school Christmas play. His kids are freaking adorable.

For my part, I’ve been teaching English Speaking three days a week at South China Normal University to freshmen college students. The curriculum is geared towards having students pass an English language proficiency exam, so they can complete their college coursework at foreign universities in the US, Australia, and England. My school actually has a partnership with Saint Louis University, which is pretty cool.

Because I teach speaking, one of my main goals is to get students comfortable answering questions about their lives, and giving opinions on different matters – something they’ll have to do for the exam, and something they’ll do with their friends when they are at an English-speaking university. Because of this, I give them lots of questions to practice answering.

I’ve learned really interesting things from my students. For example, when they turn 18, they have coming of age ceremonies at high school with their class. Everyone laughs when I ask “are friends more important than family” because the answer is SO obviously family to them – but then I ask them to explain why. The response is usually, because they take care of me and I need to take care of them. One student told me he wants to be the caretaker for his family’s cemetery site.

My favorite story from my kids is when I asked them to introduce their families. On student said, “My grandfather doesn’t have an English name, so I’ll call him ‘LeBron.’”

We’ve taken some great vacations. In October, we spent our national holiday in Korea (I’ll try to upload some pictures soon) and in November, we spent a fun weekend in Zhuhai. Over Christmas, I had six days off in a row that I spent in Vietnam. I uploaded some pictures to my Facebook page, and I’ll try to get more to you soon.

One of the main reasons I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I’d like is because I’ve been working as a freelance law blog writer, writing about all sorts of fun legal topics, including bitcoin, new GDPR rules, and new and interesting IP requirements. I even set up a website – http://lawyersontheroad.com – where I’ll occasionally post blog posts on legal topics I find interesting.

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